Get Whatsapp Automation without the high cost.

Introducing Socialit’s Whatsapp Marketing Tools for small businesses. Chatbot, Bulk Messaging, Autoresponder, and more!

Introducing Socialit’s Whatsapp Marketing Tools for small businesses. 
Chatbot, Bulk Messaging, Autoresponder, and more!

grow your business with the best tools for whatsapp

Customer Engagement on WhatsApp Made Simple: We provide the best tools to easily engage and manage your business on Whatsapp. 

1. Whatsapp Chatbot

Create a smart WhatsApp Chatbot and train it to respond to customer support or sales queries via WhatsApp. Supports Media, List and button responses.

2. Whatsapp Autoresponder

Communicate more effectively with customers by providing faster responses to inquiries. With the auto responder activated, your customers will never feel neglected.


3. Whatsapp Bulk Messaging

Start a WhatsApp Newsletter to leverage the power of WhatsApp Marketing. We let you message those in your contact list and those not in your contact.




1. Create Message Templates

Create WhatsApp message templates that you can reuse in future campaigns. Create well structured Call-to-Action, List, and Rich Media messages that you can reuse across multiple numbers. 

User segmentation is also supported

2. Export Whatsapp-Group Contacts

Don’t know where to start your campaign? We provide an easy tool to easily export the entire contacts on a Whatsapp group.

This saves you time and energy compared to when you have to manually copy each number out.

3. Easily Manage campaign stats

Get a complete overview of each campaign’s details, including impressions and clicks. 

Get a comprehensive view of your goals, including total number of visitors to your links.




Sales Teams

The WhatsApp Chat widget empowers you to engage with your website visitors instantly and easily. With 2-way communication, it reduces first response times and increases conversions, allowing you to engage with new prospects in real time..

Support Teams

Get the power of WhatsApp’s rich platform to communicate with customers, send order updates, coupons, promos, and keep them updated on your business with a WhatsApp Chatbot.

WA for Developers 

Our WhatsApp API Gateway is a good fit for developers who want to create their own WhatsApp-related solutions and don’t need access to our dashboard.


all profiles supported

Socialit's Whatsapp module supports all number types. You can easily manage your Whatsapp Business and Personal accounts.

Multi-number campaigns

Run a single campaign with Multiple numbers, to ensure each number remain compliant with Whatsapp limits.

no per-message billing

We're the only platform that offers unlimited messages per number

Anti-Ban Technology

We know how Whatsapp works and its limitations. We'll always work within their limits to make sure your account is safe and secure.


Lifetime Deal

$ 149

You are protected by our 30-day money back guarantee.


Add these add-ons to your plan at the checkout.

Additional Profiles

Each additional Number comes with 25k Messages
$ 19
00 /mo.

10k Additional messages

Increase your message limit on a number
$ 12
00 /mo.


You can add as many numbers as you want. We bill each number separately.

Yes. Socialit-WA supports all whatsapp numbers. Personal and Business.

No. You do not need to subscribe to the regular social media plans if all you need is our Whatsapp function.

If you subscribed to Whatsapp only, then you’ll be restricted from using the other features.

Yes! Your Whatsapp account is very safe. We’ve put relevant safety measures in place to ensure that every number is protected.

However, we strongly advise against spamming, as this may get your number suspended.

There’s only one reason why whatsapp blocked your number, spamming.

Avoid sending messages and links to numbers who aren’t expecting messages from you.

The more users that reports your messages, the higher your chances of getting blocked.

It doesn’t matter if you do this using our tool, or manually.

You don’t need to pay extra fees for messages because we have already incorporated them into our subscription.

Yes! You can always remove a number you do not wish to use anymore and replace it with another number at no extra costs.

We support all countries supported by Whatsapp.

To use multiple Whatsapp numbers on a single device, you can simply install the Regular and Business versions and connect each of your numbers respectively.

To connect more than two numbers, you’ll need an app cloner for Android or iOS.

Yes. You can run a bulk messaging campaign using multiple numbers for the same campaign.

Our system will split the recipients in the campaign to the numbers that you’ve selected.

You can send all Whatsapp Business supported messages.

  • Media
  • CTA Buttons
  • List Templates
  • Links


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